Expert in nonlinear control
Specialist in flying machines from tiny drones to big aircraft

Since January 2019 I am Assistant Professor at Rutgers University, NJ in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Before that I was working for the French Aerospace Lab called ONERA in Toulouse, perhaps the best place to conduct aeronautical research in Europe. There I managed several projects with French and European grants and worked in close collaboration with companies and laboratories such as Airbus and CNRS on advanced flight control laws. 
I was also giving classes and accompanying students project for the university of Paul Sabatier and engineering schools such as SUPAERO, ENAC and ENSEEIHT.
Habilitation (HDR)
I will defend my "habilitation" at ISAE-SUPAERO at 2.15pm on Monday, December 9th 
CDC 2019

To be presented: 

T. Cunis, D. Liao-MacPherson, J-P Condomines, L Burlion, I. Kolmanovsky,” Economic Model Predictive Control Strategies for Aircraft Deep-stall Recovery with Stability Guarantees”.

L. Burlion, M. Malisoff and M. Mazenc,” Stabilization and robustness analysis for a chain of saturating integrators arising in the visual landing of aircraft”.


POST DOC Position available

The purpose of the project is to develop new control techniques for floating offshore wind turbines, or wind farms, using the discipline of control co-design

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Laurent Burlion 2019