6 - Anthony Bourdelle, in progress, (co-advised with T. Ahmed-Ali, J-M. Biannic and C. Pittet)

5 - Torbjörn Cunis, in progress, (co-advised with J-P. Condomines)

4 - Emmanuel Chambon, 2013-2016,  (co-advised with P. Apkarian) "Frequency and time-domain constrained control of linear systems. Application to a flexible launch vehicle"

3 - Victor Gibert, 2013-2016, (co-advised with F. Plestan, A. Chriette and J. Boada), "Observability analysis and robust observers design for vision based landing of airliners on unknown runways"

2 - Elodie Duraffourg, 2011-2014,  (co-advised with T. Ahmed-Ali), "Nonlinear control of flexible aerospace vehicles"

1 - Guillaume Sabiron, 2011-2014,  (co-advised with F. Ruffier and T. Raharijaona), "Design of a GNC Solution based on Bio-Inspired Optic Flow Sensors adapted to low speed measurement for an Autonomous Soft Lunar Landing"

Laurent Burlion 2019